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Wednesday, August 05, 2015
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August 5, 2015

Urge Congress to insist on a better agreement.
that will truly block Iran's pathways to nuclear weapon. 


 A message from the Consul General:of Israel to the Mid-Atlantic region: " No Place for Hate Crimes in Israel" 
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2 more shows.. The Israel Scouts Friendship Caravan

End of the summer picnic at Peace Valley Park
Picnics are one of the finest pleasures of the summer. Those slow, savory moments which you sit on a blanket surrounded by your family and friends, pull fresh eats from a basket, play with your children and enjoy the outdoors. 
PhillyIsrael invites you to Peace Valley Park on Sunday, August 30th at 11 AM .
Pack your picnic basket, blanket or chairs and join us.

 Anat Madar-Elmaliah, Lilah Hananel-Bichacho, Hanni Lipinsky
Ziva Simon-alon, Ronite Ermeyev Opinkaro, Yael Hirt & Meital Kahlon

An evening with Karnit Goldwasser ...
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