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Friday, August 01, 2014
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כל עוד בלבב פנימה נפש יהודי הומיה ולפאתי מזרח קדימה     עיין לציון צופיה עוד לא אבדה תקוותנו התקוה בת שנות אלפיים     להיות עם חופשי בארצנו ארץ ציון וירושלים     
PhillyIsrael is proud to loudly proclaim that now and always, we stand united with Israel and her people. 
Our fighters march forward in Gaza. Their endurance will weaken the hand of Hamas.
Their courage will bring strength to the people of Israel.
As our "Chod-Ha'anit" troops are in the middle of their ground attack in Gaza on the 15th day, the least we can do is provide them with packages and toiletry kits, which will allow for basic hygiene and great physical relief. 
  PhillyIsrael  @ Mikveh Israel on July 1st , 2014
Mourning  Together - Our boys will never come back!
 Naftali Frenkel, z"L Gilad Shaar Z"L and Eyal Yifrach Z"L
Cllick  here to read more. 
May the families be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim.  
From L: : Rabbi Albert E. Gabbai of Congregation Mikveh Israel, Yaron Sideman, Consul General of Israel to the Mid-Atlantic Region, Sharona Durry, Founder and Executive Direcetor - PhillyIsrael. Bud Newman, president-elect of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, and Steve Feldman, executive director of the Philadelphia office of the Zionist Organization of America.


July 1st, 2014 @
Congregation Mikveh Israel
Hazzan Shalom Garson &  Eli Gabay, Esq.,  
Rav. Timothy Safford from Christ Church & Rabbi Albert E. Gabbai  Congregation Mikveh Israel
 Consul General of Israel to the Mid-Atlantic region,Hon. Yaron Sideman said:."The  entire nation of Israel and all of us here today and across the world support the  families of the three boys. Our thought and prayers are with them. Their sons are our  sons. Their loss is our loss. Together we mourn the deaths of Naftali, Gilad and Eyal יהא זכרם ברוך
Tens of thousands gathered for the funerals of the three Israeli teens kidnapped and killed in the West Bank: Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16.

  Click here to read. 


   President Shimon Peres,(Tuesday, 1 July 2014), delivered the eulogy at the funeral       service for Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Sha'er who were kidnapped and             murdered by terrorists. The three boys have been laid to rest in Modi'in. Click here to        read.  


 "The moral chasm that separates us from our enemies is deep and wide," said the          Prime minister. "They revere death and we life. They revere cruelty and we, pity. This  is   the secret of our strength, it is also the base of our unification."



 Ambassador Michael Oren said on July 3rd: " As deeply as we mourn the murders of Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Fraenkel and Gilad Shaar, we, as Israelis and Jews, must condemn the racist calls for vengeance against innocent Palestinians. One of the sources of Israel's moral strength has been our refusal to resemble our enemies in their obsession with revenge and blood. I categorically condemn all acts of violence and racism which dishonor the memory of our three precious boys."



We gathered under the Israeli flag at the corner of 16th Street and  Benjamin Franklin Parkway on June 19 to rally in support of three Israeli teens kidnapped by West Bank terrorists on June 12. All one. All together. Philadelphia turned out in powerful support for the kidnapped Israeli teens and broad condemnation of their terrorist captors.
Click here to read the Jewish Exponent article. 

Mark Squilla, Philadelphia City Councilman, was instrumental in the unanimous passing of a Philadelphia City Council resolution, made on the day of the rally, condemning the abduction of the three teens and voicing its support of efforts being made to bring them home. The boys will never come back!
.From the L:  
Neta Burshtein Shlicha - Israeli emissary, Steve Feldman, executive director of the Zionist Organization of America's local office; Rabbi Menachem Schmidt, who serves as Chabad's emissary in Philadelphia;Consul General of Israel to the Mid-Atlantic region,  Hon. Yaron Sideman, Sharona Durry who founded and directs PhillyIsrael, and Mark Squilla, Philadelphia City Councilmanץ
   Consul General Yaron Sideman Councilman Mark Squilla and Sharona Durry tied a ribbon out of remembrance for the abducted boys #EyalGiladNaftali, All joined Rabbi Memachem Schmidt in prayer. "We are all one nation, all of our hearts are in the same place," said Yaron Sideman, Consul General of Israel to the Mid-Atlantic Region. "We are all praying for the safe return of the kidnapped teenagers." 
  Consul General Yaron Sideman made sure the second generation will get answers to their questions: Why? Are we safe?
PhillyIsrael Video 2014
PhillyIsrael Video 2014


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