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Saturday, October 10, 2015
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Thank you for joining us on Saturday night ...
From L " Galit Iloni, Orna Kempler-Azulay, Laurel Fairworth & Sharona Durry

Karnit Goldwasser knows exactly how July 12, 2006, was supposed to go. It should have been a typical day, with her graduate school classes, walking her dog and welcoming her husband Udi home from the Army. 
Read more Jewish Exponent article here

Read about the new Deputy Consul here
From L: Galit Iloni, Sigal Bar Strauss. Karnit Goldwasser. Sharona Durry. Dana Binder and Deputy Consul General to Israel in the Mid-Atlantic region Moran Birman. 
"Vision of Place" - A tour and exhibition. 
Join us on October 11th @ 1:00 pm  - 5 pm @ Rutgers-Camden Stedman Gallery, 314 Linden Street and Campus Center Multipurpose Room, 326 Penn Street for a gallery tour and talk by Ruth Direktor at the Stedman Gallery. Ruth Direktor is a Curator of contemporary art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art. She will talk about places 'Visions of Place' in the context of historical and contemporary Israeli art.
This event is free but registration is required. 
The Exhibition will end on Dec. 17th, Please visit the website for more information.

 Women's Networking and Empowerment Circle
On Nov. 3 will meet with Ana Blumenthal who moved to Philadelphia from Israel.  Ana is a certified Rio Abierto instructor that has been guiding groups and individuals  in moment, sound, music and touch for the past 5 year.   

Join PhillyIsrael at the National Israeli-American Conference in DC.  
Join us at the NYC IAC Mishelanu Regional Retreat.

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